1.    My mommy motto is “whatever it takes” to keep them happy, quiet, full, entertained, etc.
  2.    I confess… I’ve let my kids have ice-cream and cake for breakfast… more than once!
  3.    I remember when my firstborn who was a toddler at the time threw a tantrum before school – he didn’t want to change out of his Elmo pajamas. I washed him up, put them back on and told his teacher I got the dates mixed up and thought today was pajama day. It was the only way to get to work on time. Whatever it takes.
  4.   I confess… I put store bought cookies in a zip-loc bag and pass them off as homemade for bake sales.
  5.   I know I’m not a candidate for the mommy of the year award. I’m okay with that. I’m a married, working mother of two…by my count that’s 3 full-time jobs. I haven’t slept one uninterrupted night in years.   I drink water because my organs depend on it but if I had it my way I’d alternate between coffee and sweet sugary high-calorie cocktails.
  6. I have been known to declare “Mental Health Day” during the school year.  I get my kids up, feed them freezer waffles and go to the park instead of school.
  7. I have shamelessly bribed my toddler with candy to make it through the grocery store.
  8. I confess… sometimes I take a LONG shower with the door locked just to have a few minutes alone.
  9. I confess… sometimes I sit in my car and Facebook for quite a while after I send the kids inside, to have a few minutes alone.
  10. I’ve used my kids as an excuse to skip church, family events, practices, meetings…  you name it…

What’s your shining mom moment?


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