I can’t host mom’s night in…   So, the pictures on Pinterest almost convinced me to host one. A kid-free night of food, fun and friends? That’s exactly the break I need. But, then I thought about it and came up with these 3 reasons why it wasn’t a good idea. 1. I would have to clean the house. Like, really clean it. And, keep it clean. Which is impossible for too many reasons to list. 2. On top of making plans to get the kids out of the house for a few hours, I’d also have to plan a menu and games. I’m suddenly feeling sleepy and overwhelmed. 3. And perhaps the most important reason why this isn’t a good idea… I don’t have many local mom friends. What if no one comes? But what if … 1. I waited until summer and held it outside in the backyard. Then I could prioritize just cleaning the bathroom and kitchen! 2. Okay, back to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. https://www.pinterest.com/MomsConfess/game-night-ideas/  And, I could keep the menu simple, desserts and wine! 3. I’ll tell my friends to invite their friends…and fingers crossed a few show-up and we all get along. So, maybe this moms night event might be possible after all….

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