Making friends as a mom can be hard. Like, really hard. Maybe you’re a new mom–the first of your friends to have a baby–and are looking for others who can relate. Maybe you just moved to a new city where you don’t know anyone and are struggling to meet some new people. Regardless of your situation, being a mom takes a lot of time and energy and finding friendships between the diaper changes, tantrums and laundry folding can seem like an impossible feat.

But don’t despair just yet, momma! We’ve compiled a list of ways you can get connected with other moms in your area, and have even included a few online resources for you to reach other moms around the world.

1. Start by going to family-friendly places

This might seem like a given, but places like children’s museums, parks, recreational complexes and public pools are great places to meet other people with kids. The catch to this option is that it’s going to require a bit of courage on your part to reach out to parents around you and get the conversation flowing. Consider the basics like asking where they’re from, how old their child(ren) are, and what other things they like to do to keep busy. Not only will this establish connection between you and the parent, but it may also give you ideas of other places you can bring your kids to meet more moms!

2. Follow your kids around

It turns out that kids can be a lot better at making friends than adults, and they can often find some playmates wherever they are. If you see your child playing with another, you can strike up a conversation with their mom by simply saying, “Looks like so-and-so made a new friend!” This opens the gates for more connection and can get you started on what may be a budding friendship!

3. Search Facebook for local playgroups

The internet has so many tools for finding community, and Facebook may have a group for moms and their kiddos right in your neighborhood! It might take a bit of searching, but it doesn’t hurt to see if someone is hosting a get-together in their home or at the neighborhood park. Organized groups like these are often on the lookout for new members and are likely to feel welcoming to newcomers.

4. Online communities

Along with Facebook, there are many apps you can have right on your phone that help you connect with other mothers. Peanut is an app that allows you to see other moms around your city and helps match your interests with theirs to find a suitable friend for you! HelloMamas and MomLife are other apps that offer similar benefits, and some even have a forum area for you to ask questions or offer advice to other moms! These can be especially helpful if you’re needing some immediate encouragement but don’t feel quite ready for a face-to-face interaction.

5. Join the PTA or volunteer

A good rule of thumb for making friends as a mom is to simply follow the mom-flock. If you find out that other parents are meeting regularly somewhere, get involved! This could be your child’s school’s PTA group, volunteering in their classroom, or chaperoning a field trip. You are likely to spend some time organizing things with other moms, so it’s a natural place to build some connections.

6. Library groups or kid classes

Check out your local library’s event calendar to see if they are offering anything for kids! Many libraries have an organized story-time for children which can be a great place to meet a few moms. There may also be some organized mommy-and-me classes in your area that are worth looking into!

7. Be a friend

No matter which route you take in making new friends, a key thing to making friendships is to simply be a friend. Many other moms are in your exact position: looking for people who understand where they’re at. We all need community and motherhood can easily feel isolating. A good way to make and maintain friendships is to be the kind of friend you would want. It might be scary at first, but reaching out for a coffee/playdate or offering to babysit for a night may just be the first stepping stone to a lifelong friendship!

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