Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re a mom. Which means you’re short on time.
So, we’ll keep this short and sweet.



We know you’re busy.  We create games for busy moms who don’t have time to play games. But, the good news is that you can play our card game of conversation starters in 10 minutes if that’s all you’ve got.


We’ve learned that a good chuckle, chortle, cackle, giggle, tee-hee, a body-shaking calorie-burning laugh is, in fact, the secret to surviving motherhood! Did we mention that our card game of conversation starters is hilarious?


We assumed you had at least one mom friend to play with. But, if you don’t this game gives you a good excuse to make a friend. It’s an awesome icebreaker. And, the game will help you to get to know one another!

Listen to what these moms have to say about Moms Confess!

Moms Confess was created by a mom for moms. We hope our games help you vent, make you laugh and encourage you to connect with other moms like you!

Moms Confess has a new game! Introducing Moms Confess “Have You Ever…” Bingo. And it’s yours, free! Our little way of saying thank you for joining the Moms Confess community.  

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