Mommy confession.

I love Pinterest. And, around the Holidays the pins convince me that I can actually make my Christmas look, feel and taste magical.

Every year, I get excited about the idea of baking Christmas cookies with my kids. Every year, I’m never quite satisfied with how they turn out. I always vow to get it right next year.

But this year I think I’m accepting “good enough” in lieu of “perfect”. My Christmas cookies will never look as good as the ones on Pinterest.

And, here’s why:

I never have all of the right ingredients. Here’s what happens. I find the cookie recipe pin that I’m going to try. I make a list of the ingredients I need. And, when I finally get to the grocery store I realize the list is at home. So, that leaves me with two options. I can try to visualize what I wrote on the list. Or, I can pull up the cookie recipe pin, review the list of ingredients and try to visualize what is and isn’t sitting in my kitchen cabinets. Either way I know I’m screwed. When I get home I will not have the ingredients I need.

I don’t prep for the activity. Generally, I’m pretty good about gathering most of the ingredients and supplies we’ll need and placing them within easy reach. But, I always forget something. And, the minute I turn my back to go get whatever it is, in that split second is when disaster strikes. Like, the toddler unscrews the cap to the red sugar sprinkles and empties the entire bottle onto the floor. Leaving me to make a split-second judgement call. Is my floor clean enough to sweep up the sprinkles and funnel them back into the container? I’m not confessing as to whether I’ve actually done that or not. Just saying I’ve considered it…

I’m not the most patient person. And, neither are my kids, wonder where they get that from? When the dough gets too soft to hold its shape. When my teenager’s eye-rolling and deep breathing (because I’ve forced her to leave her cell phone in her room and the chirping notifications are taunting her) final gets the best of me.  Someone is going to have a meltdown and it will probably be me. Could be me could be the kids. Either way after the storm blows over who is really going to be in the mood to bake and decorate cookies?

I’m a little bit of a control freak. You know the type to always complain about having to do EVERYTHING but the minute someone volunteers to help she’s going behind the helper to do it over because they didn’t do it exactly “right”? That’s me. After all, I picked out the perfect cookie pin. I want to follow the instructions exactly. So I can make the perfect cookie. So we can have the perfect Christmas.  But, when I’m a bit more micro-managey it seems less fun and I wind up feeling guilty.

So this year, I’m going for “good enough.” I’m blasting Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” pouring an insanely large glass of red and letting the kids go for it.

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