There was a time in our lives when the mere mention of boogers was enough to make us nauseous. That’s all changed since becoming moms. Talk about an unglamorous job! The reality is that at moments it can be downright gross. But, somehow it feels so, normal, right?

Our team of moms compiled our top 15 boo-boo, booger and BM related mommy confessions. We’d love a little reassurance that we aren’t alone! We invite you to read all 15, for each statement that is “True” for you give yourself 1 point and post your score in the comments…we’re so curious to know if you can relate.
Are you ready to confess?
True or False:

1. You’ve used your bare hand to wipe your kid’s nose.

2. Your kid has sneezed on your face. On more than one occasion.

3. Your own kid’s boogers don’t bother you, but the sight of someone else’s kid with a snotty nose totally grosses you out.

4. You’ve caught your kid picking his boogers in public.

5. You’ve actually said, “Don’t pick your nose and eat it!”

6. The sight of blood makes you queasy.

7. You’ve wasted Band-Aids on imaginary boo-boos.

8. You still feel guilty about a time your kid got hurt on your watch.

9. You’ve Googled something like “kid won’t poop”.

10. If someone says their stomach hurts the first thing you ask is when was their last BM.

11. You’ve smelled your kid’s butt in public.

12. You’ve scooped poop out of a bathtub.

13. When your kids were babies you could easily tell the doctor the day of their last poop and whether it was normal, hard or runny.

14. Changing a poop diaper will not ruin your appetite.

15. Teaching kids how to wipe their butt (especially boys) after a BM is really, really hard.

If you had fun answering these questions share them with your mom friends and compare scores!

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