So you’ve read every Amazon review and watched every YouTube video ever made and finally made a decision on which diaper bag to get. Maybe you kept it simple and went for the standard backpack style, or perhaps you jazzed it up a bit and found a leather bag that doubles as a fashion statement.

Maybe you’re not new to the diaper bag gang at all, but are starting to feel defeated by the endless hunt to find that floating pacifier in the black hole of baby gear and need a little diaper bag makeover.

Whatever the case, we’ve collected a number of  helpful items that momma’s all over the world are including in their diaper bags to help keep everybody happy while on-the-go.

Diapers in freezer bags:
Obviously diapers are an essential, but why do they always seem to take up over half the bag? Turns out they don’t have to. Stuffing a freezer bag with a few small stacks of diapers and pressing down on them while you seal the bag can help release any excess air in the diapers–vacuum sealed! Major space saver!

Bags in bags in bags:
Not only could putting diapers into their own bag be helpful, but a general rule for many moms is to maximize organization by keeping everything in smaller, separate bags. There’s no right or wrong answer to this one–just get yourself some clear cosmetic bags and get to organizing! A helpful hint is to split items up by child, and to determine what items often end up rolling around on the bottom of the bag (like that elusive pacifier) and throwing those in a small make-up bag for easy access.

An extra-hot-tip is to get yourself some reusable wet/dry bags. You can store an extra set of clothing for your kiddos, and when the blowout happens or your toddler inevitably falls in that puddle. You can put the soiled items in the wet/dry bag without worrying about leaks.

Muslin blanket
A blanket may seem like overkill for a quick errand-run, but if you look at it as a multi-use tool, you might think differently. A single blanket can be used as a nursing cover, a burping cloth, a changing mat or a swaddle blanket. You may already have these items separately, but why pack four when you could pack one!? If you’re running out of space, this is a go-to hack.

Mini crafts
You know when the wait for food at a restaurant is just a little too long and the littles are starting to get too squirmy for that tiny booth? A quick fix for a case of the wiggles is entertainment– miniature style. Another non-staple but handy tool for many moms is a small collection of crafts and toys for their kids. This could be a collection of crayons in an old Altoids tin, a tiny notepad or coloring book, or a travel-sized Magna-Doodle. It’s tempting to think something like this might take up more space than it’s worth, but if you have toddlers, you just never know.

First-aid & sanitation kit
Band-aids and hand-sanitizer. Enough said.

And last, but not least…

A mommy survival kit
So you’ve got the diapers, wipes, pacifiers, a pocket full of snacks and an extra change of clothes per kid…but what are you missing? Ahem, maybe you need a snack too? Sometimes we get so caught up in hurrying out the door, making sure our kid even has his shoes on the right feet, that we forget that we may be in need of a little TLC while on-the-go as well. It’s not a bad idea to have one of those handy organizational bags just for you! Pack your favorite “grown up” snacks (even if they are the same as your child’s snacks because, let’s be real, those Clif Z-Bar’s are good). Throw some lip balm in there, maybe even lipstick if you’re feeling dangerous, and a compact mirror just in case you didn’t get all of the crusty applesauce out of your hair before you get to play-group. We’ve all been there.

If you get to play-group and find that the kids aren’t the only ones who want to play, pull out the Moms Confess card game. What, you don’t have that yet?! Get it here

Whether you’re a soon-to-be mom looking to be prepared for when your little babe makes their way into the world, or a veteran looking for a revamp, these helpful items could really up your diaper bag game! Do you want to confess some surprising things you have in your diaper bag? Comment below!


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