I love when my kids receive birthday party invitations from classmates. Mostly because it saves me from having to come up with my own Saturday afternoon activity to keep them entertained.

But then we arrive at the birthday party and I realize that I don’t know any of the other parents. I find myself thinking, “this party could use a few good icebreakers!” Then, I’m retreating to a corner attempting to look legitimately busy on my phone. Somehow the same advice that I give to my kids, don’t be shy, introduce yourself and ask if you can play, doesn’t apply to me. Do as I say, not as I do, right?

So, I scout out the room, I’m a bit introverted so I’m definitely not going to barge into any established parent cliques. I see another mom standing alone. I consider walking over to talk to her but what should I say? After I play out a few scenarios in my head I feel the moment has passed. And, I go back to my phone.

Can you relate?

So, I’ve decided to do a little experiment at the next kid’s birthday party that I host. In addition to planning entertainment for the kids I’m going to plan to entertain the adults too. Yep, I’m adding something to an already too long to-do list.

And, if you know the Moms Confess team you know what’s coming next. Yup, icebreakers, a conversation starter – whatever you want to call it.

Seems like this situation calls for one of our favorite icebreakers “Find your perfect pair!”

1. Create a name-tag for each parent attending the party. Each name-tag will have written on it the name of one-half of the perfect pair. We’ve given you a list down below for inspiration.

2. So, for example one name-tag will read, “Adam” another name-tag will read “Eve”

3. On the day of the party, once you think all of the parents have arrived randomly handout the name-tags. Make sure you’ve distributed an even number and matching pairs!

4. As you distribute each name-tag ask the parents to work the room and find their perfect pair.

5. Don’t micromanage the process and don’t give them a set of interview questions to ask once they’ve found their perfect pair. Trust us, this is enough to get the conversation flowing. The name-tags themselves are likely to spark conversation. Some parents will rave to their match about how fun the game was and how they’re going to do it at their kid’s party. Others might be even so bold to talk about how bad an idea it was and how much they hate icebreakers. If this happens don’t feel offended. The point was to get the conversation flowing, and well mission accomplished!

Fun Pairings!
1. Adam and Eve
2. Beauty and the Beast
3. Bonnie and Clyde
4. Lois Lane and Clark Kent
5. Lucy and Ricky
6. Romeo & Juliet
7. Barbie and Ken
8. Homer and Marge
9. Popeye and Olive Oyl
10. Fred and Wilma
11. Sonny and Cher
12. Kermit and Miss Piggy
13. Tarzan and Jane
14. Microsoft and Bill Gates
15. Peanut butter and Jelly

So, are you going to give this icebreaker a try at the next kid’s birthday party you host? Let us know, we always love hearing from you. If you have other icebreakers that you love share them in the comments!

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