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“All aboard the hot mess express.” “You look tired. I have kids. I’m pretty sure this is just my face now.” @RamblinMama thank you for this one “If you look closely at the circles around a mother’s eyes, you can count how many years she’s lived without sleep.” And,...

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Moms like to poop in private too

To all the moms of young children (likely reading this blog post while sitting on the toilet trying to enjoy a five-minute mommy break) – we dedicate this post to you. This has to be said. And if you agree, help us spread the word….Moms like to poop in private too!...

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Moms Confess: Kids say really annoying things

Kids say the sweetest things. Kids also say the silliest things. Mommy confession: kids also say really annoying things. Annoying like, dragging nails across a chalkboard annoying. Moms Confess the top 10 extremely annoying things that kids say. “I can’t find it.” It...

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Confessions from moms who lie. All the time.

It’s not okay to lie. As a matter of fact, we teach the "do not lie" golden rule to our kids. So, does it also apply to us moms? Hmmmm, sort of. Ok, not really. Lying is one of our secret weapons. And, in certain circumstances it can be the key to our survival. Let’s...

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Romance After Kids

Lack of sleep, a stressful day, skipping a shower and a shave are all legit reasons why moms sometimes struggle to maintain romance in their relationships. The struggle is real. And, sometimes it’s a little hard to talk about. Which means a game is in order! We've...

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Moms Confess has a new game! Introducing Moms Confess “Have You Ever…” Bingo. And it’s yours, free! Our little way of saying thank you for joining the Moms Confess community.  

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