Romance After Kids

Lack of sleep, a stressful day, skipping a shower and a shave are all legit reasons why moms sometimes struggle to maintain romance in their relationships. The struggle is real. And, sometimes it’s a little hard to talk about. Which means a game is in order! We've...

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Please Don’t Call Me

Hey friend, please don’t call me. I’m the kind of mom friend that needs to stay connected via text. In fact, I don’t

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Milk & Cookies

Chocolate Chip, Reeses Peanut Butter Pudding, Cowboy Cookies… Time to put your bored teen to work!

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Top 10 Mom Confessions

Have you been nominated for ‘Mom of the Year”? You’re not alone… take a look at what some of these moms have to say…

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Moms Confess has a new game! Introducing Moms Confess “Have You Ever…” Bingo. And it’s yours, free! Our little way of saying thank you for joining the Moms Confess community.  

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