It’s not okay to lie.

As a matter of fact, we teach the “do not lie” golden rule to our kids. So, does it also apply to us moms? Hmmmm, sort of. Ok, not really. Lying is one of our secret weapons. And, in certain circumstances it can be the key to our survival.

Let’s explore a few scenarios.

No matter how hard you try, how much begging, pleading, bribing and convincing you do, getting a kid, especially a young one, to do anything hygiene related every, single, day can turn into a battle. So, what do we do? We lie. “If you don’t brush your teeth they’re going to fall right out of your head.” – well this is mostly true, maybe just a gross exaggeration, is this a lie?

Or, how about this. You’re cleaning up and throw away your kid’s “artwork” but because you’re moving so quickly you forget to push it deep down into the trash can or to put stuff on top of it. And, next thing you know, your kids sees his drawings in the trash and asks why you threw it away. What do you do? “I don’t know how it got there.” No grey in this scenario, that’s a total lie. But, totally justified, right? Like, why risk hurting your kid’s feelings.

Or, what about this. You’re exhausted. Let’s add a throbbing headache. And, your kid runs to the toy box and starts to dig out one of his loudest, most annoying toys and asks you to play. What do you do? Create a distraction and take the batteries out, stuff them down your bra or in between the couch cushions and tell your kid the toy won’t work.

WARNING. If you’re reading this looking for tips, just know that this doesn’t work on all kids. In fact, you could wind up with a tantrum on your hands which could be as bad if not worse than just playing with the loud annoying toy. The other thing to keep in mind is that you can only do this so many times, so use this “get out of free jail card” wisely. But we digress. The point is, it’s a lie too. Should we just be honest and say we’re tired and don’t feel like playing? No. Why, because kids don’t care. So, we have to lie.

Oh, ok this is a good one for all you moms of tweens and teens. From reading journals to hacking social media accounts it’s our job as moms to snoop. And, then lie about it. And, then strategize on how to address information that we technically don’t have. But is there any other way? “Mother, did you read my texts? Were you listening to my conversation? Did you go in my room?” Us, “Nope, why would you say that?” We lie because we must.

Oh, and our favorite. Lying about food. “Mom, can I have a cookie? Where are the cookies I can’t find them?” “Oh, sorry honey. We don’t have any more.” That’s a lie. There’s more. And, they’re hidden. And, we plan on eating them once the kids go to bed. “Mom, can I taste what’s in your cup?” “No, it’s adult juice. And, if you drink it’ll burn your throat.” “Well how come you can drink it?” Again, point here is that sometimes you have to lie. The trick is making sure your lie is age appropriate – kids are usually smarter than we give them credit.

Ok and last. Kids are relentless with questions. And, it’s a good thing. It shows they are taking the world in around them. They’re curious and they’re learning. “Mommy, what’s day light savings time mean?” “Ma, why are stop signs red?” “Why do I have to take a bath again, I just took one yesterday.” Us. “I don’t know. Just because. Or, Just do it.” Ok, now we’re back in grey zone again. Not a total lie. It’s just we’re tired. And, if we have to expend another droplet of energy on more thing. In this case, thinking. We’re going to crack. So, we opt for the easy way out and sort of lie and say “I don’t know”.

In conclusion: Moms lie. All the time.

So, in conclusion. Of course moms lie. All things considered, we have to. It’s key to our survival.

To sum it , if you’re a mom, you probably lie. So, what have you lied about today? Go ahead and confess in the comments!

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