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Only you know the secrets you keep to be such a “good mom.” Like the time your infant’s pacifier fell in the dirt and you wiped it off on your shirt before plucking it back into her mouth, or when you let your kid watch hours of videos on his tablet because you needed a break.

We’ve all been there, you’re not alone.

Raising children is a painstaking, earth-shattering, miraculous journey. But it can also be a lonely one… That’s why we created Moms Confess – the card game that allows Real Moms to get Real Honest about their struggles, together. So gather around the living room covered in toys, pour a glass of wine (or two), and get to bonding about all of your craziest confessions through your journey as a Mom.

About the Game

Packed with 55 hysterical conversation starters, Moms Confess was created by a real mom to start a real conversation about motherhood. You’re not crazy and you’re not alone. Everyone wants to be the best mom on the block, and everyone is failing – we’re human! Moms Confess is the card game that’s going to help you connect with other moms and their journey on a real level. Laugh together, cry together, vent about your biggest frustrations, and gush over your proudest moments.

At the end of the day, Moms Confess is an easy way to connect with other moms that are just like you. It’s time to stop living this crazy life alone, you can’t keep on forever with no one to talk to! Before you lose your sanity forever, grab a pack today and get to confessing at your next playdate. A new connection with a wonderful, imperfect mom just like you is waiting.

8 reviews for Moms Confess – Card Game

  1. Brittany A

    What a Hidden Gem! Was looking for something to keep us occupied on a play date, and this was a hit! It’s like the creator new exactly what we were thinking. We laughed hysterically when we all had the same answer to one of the questions. Can’t wait for our next get together! Definitely worth the money!

  2. Alia

    OMG! Finally a fun relatable game for moms!! Me and my mom friends like to get together once a month for game night and it was my turn to introduce a new game. I brought this card game and we had a blast! I highly recommend to other mom’s out there!

  3. Cassy

    “Moms confess is the first game that I’ve come across that’s strictly just for moms and I love that! Personally, I am not a mother (yet) but I think it’s great that Moms now have a game that’s just for them. I also think that the Moms Confess card game definitely makes a great, affordable and unique gift for any mom that you know! Perfect for an icebreaker or a gathering amongst friends.” Let me know how to post it on this page. Hope all is well!

  4. Christina

    What an awesome way for mamas to chat and get to know one another! Even in moms groups where everyone may not know each other, Moms Confess gives them a way to break the ice. It’s hilarious and so real. Love it.

  5. Angie

    It was fun to talk with my girlfriends about something other than “how’s your day.” We had some great discussion over coffee about being a mom. #momlife #lovemybaby

  6. Teresa

    Great icebreaker to open up conversation with other moms. Soccer practice, BBQs, birthday parties, I’ve done them all. Interesting and funny stories all around!

  7. Samatha

    I had so much fun playing this game with a dear friend. We laughed a lot, got to know each other even more and it opened up some interesting lines of discussion. I recommend popping open a bottle of wine, putting out some chocolate and gathering your girlfriends to play this game.

  8. Kaye

    Such an interesting way to talk about your kids and feel normal. I love this game.

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