Lack of sleep, a stressful day, skipping a shower and a shave are all legit reasons why moms sometimes struggle to maintain romance in their relationships.

The struggle is real. And, sometimes it’s a little hard to talk about. Which means a game is in order!

We’ve invited mom of 4, wife, entrepreneur and Pure Romance consultant Te’Amo Bailey to play, Moms Confess: Romance After Kids: “Have you ever…” And, she was brave enough to confess to all 10 of our questions, check out the Q&A below!

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“Have you ever….”

1. Shown your partner a little PDA – even if it grossed out your kids?
Te’Amo: “Absolutely, the best part is that they’re grossed out.”

2. Sent your partner a flirty text?
Te’Amo: “Flirty texts are the best when unexpected. Mid-day to get him riled up while at work.”

3. Experimented with toys, devices, or other products to help create a little bedroom excitement?
Te’Amo: “You do know what I do for work, right? He’s my in home product tester.”

4. Been caught in the act by your kids?
Te’Amo: “Never caught in the act but they have knocked on the door and we just yelled through the door. My oldest daughter said she’s heard us before.”

5. Fallen asleep…while ya know…?
Te’Amo: “Oh yea, especially those nights where I really didn’t feel like it and he waited until I fell asleep to get started. I’d wake up participate a little and doze back off before finishing.”

6. Used the kids as an excuse not to be intimate?
Te’Amo: “We have a toddler who is a total blocker lol. He’ll climb in our bed and lay between us.”

7. Struggled to answer your kid’s questions about sex?
Te’Amo: “Luckily, they aren’t asking. My 16 year old used to cover her ears when I brought it up.”

8. Wished a body part looked the way it did before kids?
Te’Amo: “I wish that my stomach was way smaller than it is after 4 children.”

9. Attempted a new technique…and failed?
Te’Amo: “A new technique in the bedroom? I don’t think so.”

10. Used Pinterest to discover romance tips and tricks?
Te’Amo: “Not Pinterest but I’ve found some interesting things on Buzzfeed and Cosmo.”

Thanks for playing Te’Amo this was so much fun!

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