Hey friend, please don’t call me.

I’m the kind of mom friend that needs to stay connected via text.

In fact, I don’t know who invented text messaging but I want to believe it was a mom. That text messaging was created by a mom for moms.

Maybe it’s a time thing. I’m a mom so time is not something I have a lot of. The thought of spending that irreplaceable currency on a casual conversation breaks me into a cold sweat. Who has time for that?

My mom friends and I text with purpose. “Guess what so and so did?” “Playdate this Saturday?” “I’m having a really $*!% day.” There isn’t much we can’t “talk” about via text. Texting forces us to get to the point – quickly and efficiently. Why would anyone want to communicate any other way?

With texting there’s no background noise to worry about – kids crying, fighting, asking, begging, laughing, screaming. There’s no need to fumble around to hit mute so she doesn’t realize I’m in the bathroom – 50% of my phone use happens in the bathroom #momlife #momtruth. And, then carrying a conversation for 5 whole minutes only to realize I’ve been talking on mute the whole time.

Did I mention convenience? You text me when you can.  I will respond when I can. And, we’ll keep doing that until there’s nothing left to “talk” about. I don’t have to feel bad about not answering. Or answering only to say now’s not a good time.

Texting allows me to “talk” to my mom friends every day. All day on some days. That wouldn’t happen if we stayed connected by phone. I believe friends who text together stay together. Seriously.

So if you really want to be my friend. Please. Don’t call me.

Moms, is this true for you too? Go ahead and confess!

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