Some moms are extroverted. They can easily engage other parents in conversations, whether they just met at a local playgroup or have traversed the elementary years together. Moms who organize playdates with new kids like its just an afternoon tea with a dear friend. Extroverted moms happily speak up at class meetings and group gatherings. They are not afraid to reach out to strangers for connection.

Then there are moms who prefer the comfort of solitude. They would rather read a book on the sofa then trudge into a playgroup full of outgoing moms and noisy children. Moms who dread having to speak at class meetings and sit happily on the ends of bleachers and in corners of dance studios. Moms who may understand the importance of creating opportunities for their kids to be social, but dread their involvement or don’t quite know how to go about organizing playdates.

Whether you are comfortable meeting other people or feel awkward and socially inept, mom friendships are crucial to surviving the emotionally and physically challenging years of motherhood.

Moms need each other for so many things. There are many aspects of this journey, and our sanity would not survive intact if we tried to trudge through it alone.

Your mom friends are traveling similar roads, sometimes fighting the same obstacles. They have compassion for the struggles of the age. They can appreciate the joys and successes that come along with it all. Mom friends are the ones you can call and laugh to about the horrifying moment your son peed on a bush in a public park. The friends who will understand your tears of frustration with a child continuously in trouble at school or one who struggles to learn. Friends who can relate to the challenges that come with balancing life with children – a career, passions and hobbies, relationships.

It might not always seem easy to make mom friends. Our schedules are often full. Sometimes we feel exhausted and under-nourished, and the last thing we have the energy to do is reach out and nurture a friendship. But it is essential that we do, that we make time in our lives for each other. Friendships with other moms are critical. It is a powerful thing to raise children alongside someone else. There are memories made and milestones to celebrate.

As moms, we often place the needs of our children and family before our own. We engulf our lives in the schedules and desires of those around us and leave little else for ourselves. And while it is vital to give and care for our family, is it also essential to care for our own needs as well. We understand the importance of relationships and building healthy interactions with friends and peers, so we strive to foster these relationships for our children. Guess what moms. The same goes for us.

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